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Like a Little Black Dress

White clouds in a dark sky

Summer Clouds, Switzerland 2020

Why black and white when the world is a spectrum of colours?

There are times when colour detracts from an image instead of enhancing it. When this happens I prefer to strip it off to give the image the chance to talk. Sometimes the only colour there is are the shades of black - in the morning, on a cloudy day, or after dusk.

There is elegance and grace in black and white images that transcends their geographical localities. Nostalgia mixed with a Hollywood glamour. Like a little black dress, it will never come out of fashion and it won't get tired.

Despite the lack of colour, I don't find black and white photography boring or cold. Quite the opposite, the simplicity of contrasts and lines stimulates imagination.

The photograph of the cascading water in Iceland was taken early morning on an overcast day and technically is in colour. Some people have seen an animal in the image. Others have thought it to be clouds. It has been described as Dantesque. The meaning comes from within. If it stirs an emotion and resonates with something deep inside, then the photograph has achieved its purpose.

Waterfall, Iceland 2019

Below - Dents du Midi viewed from Villars sur Ollon in Switzerland, the iconic Matterhorn in Zermatt, and Lauterbrunnen waterfalls, a stone's throw away from Interlaken photographed in early spring.

With the three chamois loitering on the edge of the ridge, before disappearing down the other side defying gravity I guess I was lucky. These moments don't come up often.

Dents du Midi in the clouds in Villars sur Ollon

Dents du Midi, Switzerland 2019

Dents du Midi in the clouds in Villars sur Ollon

Dents du Midi, abstract, Switzerland 2019

Matterhorn mountain in Zermatt

Matterhorn, Switzerland 2020

Lauterbrunnen Waterfalls, Switzerland 2020 / Peaking Through, Switzerland 2021

And finally, why buy original art, instead of inexpensive reproductions? Because it contains an energy and soul that mass produced prints don't. A certain intangible je ne sais quoi that will light up your own space in a delightful way.

I reproduce my images on fairly thick and slightly textured art paper in London that will hold colour for many years. The photographs can equally be printed direct on canvas if required. Super large formats can be mounted on aluminium boards. All artworks, whatever the size, and material, are provided with a certificate of authenticity.


Three Chamois, Switzerland 2020


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