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Donna Stevens


Donna Stevens is an art photographer recognised for her captivating fairy tale landscapes, as well as striking nature photography.


Based in the small Alpine village of Villars-sur-Ollon in Switzerland, Donna travels extensively seeking wild and out-of-reach landscapes.

Whilst nature is inspiration for her work, Donna’s photography doesn’t propose to document reality but rather light paints the sense of awe and enchantment that open spaces inspire. Influenced by the colours and shapes of the wild, her landscape photography has an abstract quality transcending geographical locations.


"Miroirs d'Oh", two-person exhibition with Lalie Pascual, Chàteau de la Roche, Ollon, Switzerland, 2022


FMH, 24 Heures, Le Choix de la Rédaction, Sept  2022

Michèle Médée-Bertmark, Villars Magazine, Spring 2021

Lizanne Barnard, Skeppers, 2021

Fine Art Prints
Donna's photographs are available to buy as limited edition fine art prints. Enquiries:

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